DJ Mainstream

Owner / Lead Engineer / Host - The Pulse Of New York

Mainstream, born in Harlem, raised in the South Bronx, was influenced in music from an early age. Raised on Prince, Kool Moe Dee & SWV, DJ Mainstream always knew someway somehow he needed to be involved in the business. With mentors like Ryan Leslie & Jay-Z, Mainstream looks to become an influence in the music world. Recently, he has now began a takeover by self-naming himself the "voice of the voiceless", being the person to lead the unsigned artist of New York to prominence and creating a "loyal" bond amongst the talented people in city that never sleeps and also being the DJ to exploits the talents of the unknowns.

With that never ending crusade, DJ Mainstream has created and now engineers at his own independent music radio station, WVMR NY. A 4 year veteran of radio (formerly on F.L.O. Empire Radio), Mainstream now looks to help the new radio movement as he once did when he started.


Director Of Operations

Born in East New York section or Brooklyn, NY, S-Rock is an accomplished veteran on the independent scene after performing in several different showcase and concerts all over New York City. After establishing dominance, the self-proclaimed 'Titan of Rap' decided to give back to the industry that he became famous in by creating a lane for his fellow up and coming artists: introducing Rockview Entertainment.

The brand has become well known for not only presenting concert staples such as "The 5 or 5000 Experience" and "Rocking For The Holidays", but has also lead the careers of talented individuals such as Taina, Voiceless Music Awards winner Jus Write, model Raybeauty, radio personality Lady Sen & more. S-Rock brings a plethora of business knowledge and street savvy to the radio home of the independent! 

DJ Blaq Bully

Saturday Evenings Engineer / DJ - LyveLyfe Radio 

A talented up-and-coming producer, organist and DJ based out of Brooklyn, DJ Blaq Bully has grind all her life to become successful in a male-dominated industry. Inspired by her labelmate, Geallo, Blaq became a guest of WVMR’s flagship show The Pulse Of New York. It was that night, station owner DJ Mainstream realized Blaq Bully’s dedication to not only music but the business as a whole.

From there Blaq was brought in as a DJ for the hit radio show Lyve Lyfe Radio, and also their sponsored show Sauce Radio, and quickly became a staple at the Queens-based radio station. It is also her dedication that garnered her spot as engineer for off-peak & Saturday evening shows. Inquisitive, insightful and educated, Blaq Bully has become the soul of the Radio Home Of The Independent! 


Off-Air Personality (Events Interviewer)

A opinionated spit-fire, Nessy has been on radio for years and has always left an influence on the mic. The outspoken Brooklyn resident originally started as a co-host on a Monday late night show, the host of Tea Time with Nessy became one of the top shows on WVMR!

Now a off-air personality, Nessy interviews artists and entertainment personalities at majority of WVMR & Rockview Entertainment events. Nessy has made it clear... she is hear to stay!


Off-Peak & Saturday Evenings Engineer 

A well accomplished MC, Proph3t has set himself apart from being an artist and a businessman. Taking his knowledge from the streets to the office, Proph3t has picked up the nuances of achieving greatness in music by applying it to the opportunities presented to him. 

One of those opportunities was to engineer for the rising hit radio show geared to bettering the community, Future Mogul Report. With Ray Blk and Mac support, WVMR opened its doors and once again gained a dependable member of it's staff!

Kole World

Social Media Correspondent (Instagram) / Actress - WVMReel

An already accomplished model, Nikole aka Kole World as given by DJ Mainstream and S-ROCK has made it an emphasis that she 'wants this business'. Social media saavy and a eye on trends, Kole is looking to gain all the necessary knowledge about music and entertainment for the future. 

Now the proud member of Lambda Pi Upsilon sorority brings her expertise, especially on the social media platform, to the Radio Home For the Independent!

Becca Banks

Social Media Correspondent (Facebook)

A natural born socialite, Rebecca or better known as Becca Banks as given by DJ Mainstream, already has here ear to the business. An already infamous bartender, Becca looks to bring her social skills to the radio world. 

What happens when the Brownsville diva brings a little attitude and swagger to the Radio Home For the Independent? Tune in to find out!