The Daily Talk with DJ Cool Chellz (Weekdays, 10am - 12pm) 

Ready to hear all the latest news going in the world of music, entertainment, fashion and culture and hear some of the hottest indie music? Then you ready to hear from Cool Chellz as she breaks it down everyday LIVE! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.









Who TF Gon' Check Me (Mondays, 4 - 6pm) 

This is when three friends come together in Ham Van Dam, Velvet and DJ Strikah gets no holds barred! Speaking on current events, sex, love, relationships and more... lets be honest, who tf got' check them? Click here for past episodes & podcasts.







Loud Silence (Mondays, 6 - 8pm) 

Looking to put their hometown of The Bronx on the map, former Voiceless Music showcase winner Meko Sky and his brother Quest, alongside radio veteran Vianca Bentley bring you Loud Silence. The Ei8th is on air! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.













Darkside Radio (Mondays, 8:30 - 10pm) 

What happens when radio gets a little crazy and off-the-wall? You visit the darkside! Bringing all of what you know into the dark, Blackout The Rebel alongside Jesslyn Blue and Alexia bring you Darkside Radio! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.















Monday Night RAWRR (Mondays, 10pm - 12am) 

Formerly LNK Radio, Katie Kay, alongside DJ C-Murda, brings the RAW to the late night radio as she gets down and dirty with all the artists and influencers of the entertainment industry. Click here for past episodes & podcasts.












Zeeker Live (Tuesdays, 6pm - 8pm) 

Long time friends of former WVMR intern, Ray Blk, Pop Da Bully and Radio Hollis, bring you their own brand of radio: Zeeker Gang Live! Welcome to the Zeeker Zoo. Click here for past episodes & podcasts.

















SWYM Radio (Tuesdays, 8 - 10pm) 

SWYM (“Say What You Mean”) Radio is a weekly program with strong young voices highlighting rising MUSIC, the ARTS & the GRIND; while connecting dialogue from today’s Millennials. We are about the Hustle, Keepin’ It Real & Good Vibes.! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.






862 vs. 718: Zoo Tuesdays (Tuesdays, 10pm - 12am) 

Formerly Wavy Wednesdays, club promoter Smiley Rodriguez returns to the airwaves with her close friend Volyum, accomplished model Lay-Lay and DJ 3G to create a absolute zoo on Tuesdays! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.









Mixxy Radio (Wednesday, 7 - 10pm) 

This is what happens when things gets mixxy on radio. Starting with off with an hour of Crys Childs, then we get #MixxyAftertDark with Dizzy Brown, DJ SuperAgentDre and ZJ Lenny Matic, and Free! It's Mixxy Society's on-air show, Mixxy Radio and it's is your brand new plug on Wednesday nights. Click here for past episodes & podcasts.









The Last Take (Wednesdays, 10pm-12a)

This is where music and sports combine, Jones and Jimmy coming together for Last Take! Inspired by ESPN's First Take, the duo combines sports and entertainment together without you leaving your room! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.










S.H.I.T. Happens Radio (Thursdays, 6 - 8pm)

King Shaa is back on air! Alongside radio veteran Jasmine Taylor and WVMR DJ veteran DJ G Fox, S.H.I.T. Happens Radio is the lead radio show for the Survival Happens In Time brand! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.









For Trill Ear$ Only (Thursdays, 8-10pm)

Swanky $avages, LLC is a superior brand in visual and clothing consulting. Focusing on the creatives on the rise, their radio show will take that attention to another level. With Darynee (Dee) and Monifah (Momo), presenting the clothing line For Trill Eyes Only, only for the trill ears! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.






The Underground Collection Radio (Thursdays, 10p - 12am) 

Looking to inspire the underground culture, the collective of Iman Marie, Ken Florian, and Kiyah presents a roundtable for the independent; a true voice for the underground! This is Voiceless Music's The Underground Collection Radio! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.








Whaddup Tho? (Fridays, 4pm - 6pm) 

What happens when two friends, up and coming actress Brooke From Brooklyn and rising RP star Vianca Bentley ask the question Whaddup Tho? LIVE on air! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.










Shay With The Shade (Fridays, 6 - 7pm) 

Originally started as 'shoot the s**t' talk show on Youtube, Shay brings her no nonsense, straight up and bold personality to WVMR as Shay With The Shade hits the airwaves. Tune in to find out #WhoIsFenty? Click here for past episodes & podcasts.








Yes, She Speaks! (Thursday, 7 - 8pm) 

Lovasia Renee is your voice of the women empowerment and  LIVE! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.











Left Lane Radio (Fridays, 8 - 10pm) 

You want entertainment? You want hot news? You want indie music? Then swerve into Left Lane Radio! Hosted by Tyke Da Great, Pudgie Finesse, Nevada Street and Voiceless Music Awards winning DJ Thunder on the 1s and 2s, Left Lane Radio features all the entertainment news, independent artist and hot Billboard music! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.











D&C After Dark (Fridays, 10p, - 12am) 

When the liquor in your system and the sun go down, the D&C Connection's owners run the night! Hosted by D&C Connections DJ C Murda and DJ Dee Lite, D&C After Dark brings something different to Friday nights on WVMR! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.


Soundbytes Radio (Saturday, 2 - 4pm) 

Speaking on the unspoken topics of the community, the former LyveLyfeRadio monthly segment, becomes a full 2 hour show! Nefera and MC Path P brings the enlighten to the forefront on Soundbytes Radio! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.







Jessica B. Live Hour (Saturdays, 4pm - 5pm) 

What happens when one of New York’s top female DJ get her own show? Rockview Entertainment's newest DJ Jessica B. Live is bringing her own spin of music and entertainment! Clap it up, this is The Jessica B. Live Hour! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.








Saturday Shots Sports Radio (Saturdays, 7 - 9pm) 

A sports talk show, for fans, by fans. Phil Williams aka Scorpio P leads a show of 4 guys talking about sports and examining its many mediums of exposure to the masses from social media to news! Its S3 Radio and its what sports brings us joy, pisses them off, or maybe a little of both... for the fans, by the fans. Click here for past episodes & podcasts.











We Got That Radio (Sundays, 12-2pm)

We Got That is an interactive media outlet that keeps you infirmed and in tune with what's going on in the world of entertainment! We Got That! is hosted by Shice 'Da Voice of Brooklyn' and brings you a variety of topics as well as guests! Featuring independent artist to well known celebrities, segments from "Chop and Block" and more. the show believes in getting the information the people want to know Sit back, relax and tune in weekly and remember "We Got That!". Click here for past episodes & podcasts.






The Diva Report (Sunday, 2 - 4pm) 

Keeping you up to date with the latest in television, entertainment, music, sports, this is your Sunday radio fix! interviewing your favorite artist & more, the talented Ms. Diva with Mixxy Society's ZJ Lenny Matic, this is The Diva Report! Click here for past episodes & podcasts.







True Colors Radio (Sundays, 4pm - 6pm) 

Bella brings all the gossip, independent music and more to Sundays as True Colors Radio is here on WVMR!  Click here for past episodes & podcasts.








Voiceless Music Hit List (DAILY, Before & After On-Air Shows)  

It's Voiceless Music HIT LIST! Some of the finest in music from's legends, hopefuls, and former radio guests! Playing live before and after all live shows! Want to be on our rotation which is tweeted out every day? Use the CONTACT US page!






After Dark (Weekdays, 12am - 6am) 

Time to slow it down, cuddle up and vibe out to our more R&B / slow jam hours. Featuring independent and mainstream artists, dedicated to WBLS' The Quiet Storm... introducing WVMR After Dark live on the HIT LIST.







What's On The Set? (Weekdays, 12pm - 2pm) 

An assortment of WVMR's shows and personalities favorite tracks, What's On The Set is tracks played in a commercial free 120-minute block! Each month a new playlist is announced via WVMR's social media and uploaded for your enjoyment! This month: S3 Radio Presents Weekday Shots